Das Female Dual Internship FDI - Program

The Female Dual Internship FDI - Program
In the eye of the high number of female Emirati students, the number of German firms in the UAE and the increasing number of female German students in the UAE the Female Dual Internship – Program (FDI-Program) was developed. With the help of the FDI – Program these three actors will be brought together in the UAE on an effective and reasonable way. 
The basic idea of the FDI – Program is to build pairs of respectively one German student and one Emirati student for the duration of the internship. Both students are focusing on Business and Economics. The German student studied at the beginning of the internship for more than two years the Arabic language beside other Middle Eastern related fields. Whereas the Emirati student has to enrolle mandatorry in  the program integrated German language course at the University before the beginning of the internship

It is expected that especially against this background all participants benefit from the FDI -Program on the following, different levels.

  • Both Students are able to develop and improve their foreign language and as well specialist competences.

  • The teamwork requires and enables an intensive exchange within all involved.

  • Both students as well as the employees of the firm will get to know the procedures, requirements and expectations of each other.

As the FDI – Program can be seen as a contribution to the Emiratisation Program one of his main objectives is to improve the qualifications and therefore competitiveness of the national workforce.
The aim of the FDI –Program, from an intercultural point of view, is to be seen as a platform where three different worlds can come together, on a productive way, as all of them have an interest in getting to know and work with each other.